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Racetrack Trainings, Trackdays in Wintertime

In 2019 we would like to establish a Hobby Motorsports series in winter to make the long wait for next summer as short as possible. The event is driven in the team of 2 to 4 drivers per vehicle.

You should have a valid driver's license. Each team must have at least two drivers and can nominate a maximum of four drivers. The vehicle must have a minimum age of 10 years, be as close to the production and comply with the safety standards in motorsport. A cage is not recommended for the training but for the race! Winter tires.

Wearing a safety helmet, driver overalls and fireproof underwear is mandatory. Seat belts (4/6 point). Addiontal Informations "Art. 253 - SicherheitsausrĂĽstung (Gruppen N, A, B, ST)".

Only vehicles with a minimum age of 10 years and above 250 hp are allowed. Front or rear drive!

Please download Harry's Laptimer on your phone for the timekeeping!
Download Iphone | Download Adroidy

The events take place exclusively at the Autodrom in Most Czech Republic.

Trainings and race dates of Winterchallenge cost between 299, - and 349, - Euro.

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